Sunday, April 12, 2009


I’m looking at a picture of a girl who commented on a twitter of mine.

She lives in Moorpark California,

She looks familiar, but I’m at that age where when someone who is 30 or under looks familiar it is only because they bare a resemblance to someone I knew at least 10 or 15 years ago.

I want to sleep with her for all the wrong reasons.

I’m working off of no more than a web cam picture of her face. I can make out her non descript blouse. The pattern appears leopard but not a rock n roll leopard. She looks like she could have an un-ironic unicorn somewhere in her house. The hair is brown, its layered, but not the hipster layered bang thing you see on the east side , usually accompanied by big vintage sunglasses and a nod to the sixties.

She is waving a peace sign showing off a thumb ring. She is slightly sticking out her tongue.

She's kinda Westood 82.

She feels a bit like a 9th grader I would've had a crush on in 7th grade.

She follows John Mayer on Twiter, which says everything, proving I want to sleep with her for all the wrong reasons.

She identified with my twit " I wish clinical depression could be used as an excuse to get out of doing things without freaking people out". She replied concurring with the sentiment.

I imagine her wearing a fuschia thong underneath the wrong brand of jeans. This wouldn't normally excite me but in the particular case it does.

She follows Andy Dick, whom twitist cwalken evoked before he pulled the plug on his profile as he became less and less funny, using Dick as the comparison point.

I imagine she drives a 5 year old Mustang or some equivalent there of.

She follows Rachel Maddow and David Gregory but not Kieth Ulberman.

I imagine she is going to Coachella, though probably not to see Throbbing Gristle.

I just got relieved for the first time that Plexi didn't get that one hit. That I'm not starving myself in a manic depraved state asking some 23 year old if I look fat in the leather pants, and hoping maybe someone at Coachella will hook us up with a good tour. I'd rather worry about selling HP computers this week.

She is studying to be a nurse, that appeals to me more in an access to meds way than in a bad youporn clip way.

Her posts always go back to her boredom and how she loves TV. That is very attractive to me.

Her overall taste level comforts me in knowing she generally keeps the bar low, further exemplifying all the more reasons why I would like to sleep with her for all the wrong reasons.

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